Q. What are the different purchasing options for Materials Square?

A. At MatSQ, registered users can enjoy free access to modeling, pre/post-data processing, and a variety of features. However, to initiate a simulation and use MatSQ’s cloud computing resources, you must load your account with credits.

Pricing for computation on MatSQ’s cloud servers is as follows:

  • Spot Instances $0.25 / Core Hour
  • On-Demand Instances $0.5 / Core Hour

MatSQ also presents two cost-saving opportunities: the ‘Unlimited Plan’ subscription and the ‘Atom Pack’ bundle.

Unlimited Plan
The ‘Unlimited Plan’ offers subscribers unlimited computational resources on a monthly basis, with a minimum commitment of just one month. For more details about the Unlimited Plan, please consult the documentation provided by MatSQ.
Unlimited Plan Documentation

Atom Pack
This is a pre-paid bundle that offers a set number of core hours at a discounted rate. For more detailed information on the Atom Pack, refer to the accompanying documentation.
Atom Pack Documentation

Further details about these pricing models and discounts can be found on the MatSQ pricing page: MatSQ Pricing Plans.