Materials Square for Thermodynamics

This is a hands-on course file for “Computational Thermodynamics” classes using Materials Square.
It is a curriculum designed for use in thermodynamics, metallurgy, and materials engineering courses.

It consists of 6 educational content modules, which, when combined with theoretical education, can be utilized over a 3–4 week course.

The list of computational exercises is as follows:

  • [Lab.1] Phase Information of Steels
  • [Lab.2] Binary Phase Diagram of Fe-C
  • [Lab.3] Ternary Phase Diagram of Fe-Ni-Cr
  • [Lab.4] Multi-Component Phase Diagram of Fe-Mn-Al-C
  • [Lab.5] Solubility of VC Carbide in FCC Fe (Isothermal Section)
  • [Lab.6] Isoplethal Section of the Phase Diagram of Co20No10Fe40V10Cr20-XMnX

MatSQ_for_class_thermodynamics.pdf (2.8 MB)