Q. Why am I receiving a pop-up alert that my credit is below $1 when actually, I have more than that in my credit balance?

A. When you attempt to submit a job, our system pre-allocates credits based on the assumption that your job will run for one hour. The amount allocated can range from $6 for 24 cores to $12 for 48 cores, depending on the computational resources you choose. If you have an ongoing job, the system deducts the credits allocated for it from your available balance.

This can result in a situation where a pop-up indicates that your remaining credits are less than $1, which would prevent the submission of a new job. To avoid this issue, please check the credit usage of ongoing computations before submitting another job. Should your credit balance be below, you may want to consider purchasing additional credits or waiting for your current job to finish, which will liberate the allocated credits.