Q. What happens when I cancel my subscription?

A. Canceling your subscription means your current subscription will no longer renew, and it will expire on the next renewal date. The CPU time, unlimited cores, and storage provided as part of the subscription will remain available until the last day of the subscription period.

Once the subscription has ended, you will still have access to your job and data files, but the additional storage space provided as part of the subscription will be reduced to the default allocation of 100GB. Therefore, it is essential to check your storage space, as any data exceeding the standard storage capacity may restrict the submission of new jobs. Furthermore, if the limit is exceeded, after one month, the additional data will become ‘frozen’ and inaccessible. ‘Frozen’ data is automatically deleted after six months and cannot be recovered.

If you exceed the default provided storage, you will need to better organize your data or subscribe to a ‘Storage Plan’.

For detailed information on this, please refer to the guide “How to Organize or Delete your unnecessary data in MatSQ”.